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Plug & Play CCTV WiFi  kit


Plug&Play CCTV kit with 1080P video recorder + 1 WiFi IP camera

Plug&Play CCTV kit with 1080P video recorder + 2 WiFi IP cameras

Plug&Play CCTV kit with 1080P video recorder + 3 WiFi IP cameras

Plug&Play CCTV kit with 1080P video recorder + 4 WiFi IP cameras

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 DIY video surveillance kit
Ready to work in 5 minutes



Complete kit with NVR, cameras and accessories

Full HD resolution 1920x1080 pixels Plug and Play CCTV system - Ready in 5 minutes Waterproof casing for outdoor mounting 30 m infrared illuminator 3.6 mm. fixed lens
Motion detection
 Wi-Fi control with mobile APP WEB access with free P2P cloud server Built-in microphone



CCTV wireless kit
ready in 5 minutes
no configuration

FullHD 1080P resolution
Waterproof cameras with IR

P2P cloud server
Android/iOS app
software for PC/MAC


Free APP for Android iOS with P2P cloud server for easy web control

Browser WEB GUI suitable for IE/Firefox.
Allowing live view, playback, configuration.

Free software for PC/MAC




Our Plug And Play CCTV kits are complete wireless video surveillance systems. Requiring no configuration they are ready to work in 5 minutes.
Plug And Play kits have been designed to protect small areas with a simple yet powerful system that any customer is able to install by himself.

Ready in 5 minutes
Our Plug And Play Kits have been designed in such a way that anybody, can make them work in a matter of minutes.
No technical knowledge or configuration is required.
See below how easy it is.


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Wi-Fi wireless transmission
These cameras come with built-in wi-fi. They connect automatically to the video recorder (also called NVR) without wires.
You do not need a wifi network to use these kits.
The NVR creates its own hot spot and the cameras login automatically.
If you do not know anything about IP address and similar stuff, do not worry, because our Plug And Play kits just need top be powered up to start working.

Wi-Fi range
The NVR of these kits make its own wifi network which is able to search all cameras nearby automatically.
The range of this hot spot, like all domestic wifi systems, may cover up to 3-4 rooms.
For this reason, these kits are ideal for small premises like flats and shops.
If you also have your own private network, both hardwired or wifi, you can use it to extend the system range. For example you can connect one or two cameras to your wifi network. The NVR plug and play feature works through your network very well discovering all cameras automatically.

1080P professional video quality
Our wifi kits are designed for all customers who look for a DIY system without compromising on the video quality.
The video resolution of these cameras is Full HD 1080P, the same of our best professional systems.
Unlike most other vendors in this market segment that are focused on low price,  we do not use poor quality sensors and lenses in these kits.
We make these Plug And Play kits withe the same quality components of our professional range in order to provide the same video quality.

Waterproof cameras with IR and audio
All cameras in these kits have waterproof casing (IP66). They can be install outdoor without further protection. Nevertheless, the small size and attractive design, make these cameras suitable for indoor use as well.
These cameras come with wide angle lens (3.6 mm.) and built-in IR illuminators which provide night view up to 30 m.
All cameras include swivel mounting bracket.

Plug And Play over Ethernet
The only hard wired connection required by these cameras  is power.
These cameras take 12VDC power and the 220V power adaptor is included in the package.
In case you have no power socket close to where the camera must be placed, you can use the 18 m. extension cable included with the kit.
The wiring cable of each camera comes with one DC power plug, one reset pushbutton, to restore factory settings, and one Ethernet port, to connect hard-wire network.
In these kits, the Ethernet port is generally not used, but is anyway available to connect your local network, if you have any. The plug and play feature of out kits is still working even through your local network, so there is no need to configure IP address. Just connect the camera to your switch or router and it comes up on the screen.

Built-in audio
These cameras come with built-in audio microphone so any noise in the environment is automatically recorded with video.

1080P HDMI/VGA monitor ports
You must connect a monitor to these CCTV kits to display videos. You can us a TV set or  PC monitor of any size.
1080P, Full HD, VGA and HDMI port are placed on the back of the NVR to connect your monitor.

Hard Disk recording and motion detection
Like all digital video recorders, the NVR of these kits store all the video files on built-in Hard Disks, the same kind of memories used in Personal Computers. In order to provide the maximum flexibility, these kits do not include the Hard Disk that must be purchased separately.
Our NVR are suitable to any Hard Disk, of any brand, up to 4TB capacity.
If you order the HDD from us, you will receive it already assembled and formatted in your NVR.
You must choose the Hard capacity according to how many days of video you wish to store. 1 hour recording of 1 camera takes approximately  1GB, so, as an example, you can store over 40 days continuous recording on a 1TB HDD.
These Plug And Play kits are also able to detect intruders, with their MOTION DETECTION feature. You can save a lot of memory space by recording in motion detection mode since you just record significant scenes.
Once the HDD is full, older files are automatically overwritten.

Playback and back-up
You can playback recorded videos on the monitor or even remotely by PC or Smartphone.
You can backup important videos on a USB pen drive using the USB port on the front cover

Controlling by browser
These Plug And Play Kits have the same remote control options of out most professional systems.
You can access your cameras by PC just using an Internet browser like IE or Firefox.
After logging-in, you can watch live videos and play recorded footage. You can also set the system options.

Smartphone APP
These wifi kits can be fully controlled by smartphone or tablet both over the wifi local network or over the Internet.
Our APP,  is free to download for iOS and Android. It is easy to use and allows multiple cameras live video and playback.

P2P cloud server
Like our best surveillance DVR, these kits comes with free Peer-To-Peer cloud service. You can enjoy live view over the Internet with your smartphone, just entering your password.
There is no need of static IP address or router port forwarding because our P2P server does the job for you. Just install the APP and  watch your camera on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are.

PUSH notification
In case of intrusion alarm, a real time push notification can be sent to your mobile phone

PC/MAC software
If you buy more than one kit, you can control them all from a single computer. These kits come with a free CMS software package for live view and playback. It works on internal LAN and even over the web, with full support of our P2P cloud server.

Smartphone APP

Free P2P server for WEB control

Real time alarm push notification

Private protocol
DSE is one of the very few Italian companies being member of ONVIF (see ONVIF MEMBER LIST). ONVIF is a common standard that mix IP cameras and NVR from different manufacturers.
These Plug And Play kits are the only IP systems in our range not using the Onvif protocol. We used a special private protocol instead, designed to provide 100% plug and play installation.
For this reason, these cameras and NVR are only available as a kit and cannot be purchased as stand-alone products.


LAN - Ethernet port
You connect here you router  to make your system controllable over the web.
VGA - PC monitor video port

If you use a PC monitor you connect it here
HDMI - TV output
Connect here a Full HD TV sets of any size. This output supports audio as well.

AUDIO - RCA output

To connect loudspeaker when you use VGA monitor
USB - 2 x USB ports

Each DVR come with 2 USB ports. The one on the back is used for the mouse. The one on the front cover is available for pen drive to backup videos
12VDC  - Power supply input

Plug here ithe power adaptor (included)
E-SATA - Port for E-Sata HDD
This port is available to connect an external Hard Disk to increase system storage


Product includes:
  1,2,3 or 4 cameras with lens and bracket
  2 omni-directional antennas per camera

  1 power adaptor per camera
  1 power extension cable per camera (18 m.)
  1 NVR including 2 antennas, power adaptor and mouse

ATTENTION: Hard Disk is not included and must be purchased separately. We deliver the HDD installed in the kit and formatted.


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