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Network IP mini/hidden cameras with WIFI


Full HD 1080P
IP mini-camera
with minilens - WiFi

Full HD 1080P
IP mini-camera
with pin-hole lens - WiFi

Full HD 1080P
IP mini-camera
with pin-hole lens - WiFi
in smoke detector

Full HD 1080P
IP mini-camera
with pin-hole lens - WiFi
in PIR detector

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 Mini IP camera
WIFI + RJ45 2MP 1080P
3.6 mm. mini-lens
Audio input

  Full HD resolution 1920x1080 pixels 3.6 mm. fixed lens Wi-Fi control with mobile APP WEB access with free P2P cloud server Audio input formicrophone



 Mini IP camera
WIFI + RJ45 2MP 1080P
3.6 mm. pin-hole lens
Audio input

  HD 720P 1280x720 pixels resolution 3.6 mm. pin-hole lens Wi-Fi control with mobile APP WEB access with free P2P cloud server Audio input formicrophone



 Mini IP camera
WIFI + RJ45 2MP 1080P
in smoke detector
Audio input

  HD 720P 1280x720 pixels resolution 3.6 mm. pin-hole lens Wi-Fi control with mobile APP WEB access with free P2P cloud server Audio input formicrophone


 Mini IP camera
WIFI + RJ45 2MP 1080P
in PIR detector
Audio input

  HD 720P 1280x720 pixels resolution 3.6 mm. pin-hole lens Wi-Fi control with mobile APP WEB access with free P2P cloud server Audio input formicrophone


For live view and configuration by mobile phone/tablet.
Including P2P server for easy web control.

Easy connection by Internet browser. Live View and Setting via IE


Software included for configuration, live view, video recording


"Naked" IP cameras are designed to connect to NVR like our DN range. They are also suitable to NVR or IP software of other vendors which support the onvif standard.


  IP camera with lens
  Mounting bracket
  220VAC/12VDC power adaptor
  PC recording software


datasheet ip camera megapixel

technical data


These IP minicameras are ideal for creating hidden surveillance points. In addition to the standard RJ45 network port, they feature a wifi transmitter so they can be installed anywhere without wires.

"Naked IP camera". What does it mean?
DSE Naked IP cameras are developed to provide the maximum quality/price ratio for IP CCTV systems controlled by NVR.
Unlike our RH range IP cameras, which come with a full pack of built-in hardware gadgets, the hardware setup of these cameras is minimized in order to ensure the highest quality video at the best possible price.
However, it is good to point out that compared to other truly "minimal" Naked cameras in our product range, this RQ range has interesting software features and can be taken into account also for various applications that do not include NVRs.

CCTV on IP network
IP cameras connect directly to an expressly built or existing LAN network. They are equipped with a network port for connection to an Ethernet switch. In addition, this range also features a wifi wireless transmitter. NVR, also connected to the network, can be used for video recording.

Smallest IP cameras
These RQ mini cameras, along with our similar hardwired models (RP series), are the smallest IP cameras in our range. The body size only measures 40x40x20 mm, as small as our analog mini-camera. Despite the small size, the camera is entirely aluminum, very solid and robust, and includes the adjustable bracket.

Mini-lens and pin-hole lens
Mini cameras are available in the mini-lens and pin-hole lens version, both with 3.6 mm focal length for wide-angle viewing.
Minilens is brighter and usually provides better video quality.
Pin-hole lens can film through a small hole of 1 mm. and is suitable for invisible hidden cameras.

1080P video resolution
The RQ series cameras provide 2MP video resolution (Full HD 1080P 1920x1080 pixels) and integrate perfectly with our bigger size IP cameras, ensuring equal video quality.

Built-in Wi-Fi
The cameras of this range are equipped with a built-in wifi transmitter. On the back of the camera there is the SMA connector to screw on the included antenna. 
At first power on, the camera is connected with a cable to be able to configure access to your wifi network.
Once you have entered the login credentials and made the connection to your wifi, you can unplug the network cable and place the camera where you want it.
Cameras are compatible with all 2.4GHz wifi networks.
Do not be afraid of signal stability. Wireless RQ cameras are stable and reliable as our best hard-wired IP cameras.
In case of power failure, they are able to reconnect to the AP and resume normal network operation. Of course, if you do not need wifi, you can disconnect the antenna and use the camera as a normal IP camera with its RJ45 port. In this case, you may be interested in our cheapest RP series hard-wired IP minicameras, however, compared to this range, they have less functionality.

Wi-Fi range
In order to successfully connect a wifi camera, you must first check that the point where it is installed has a good wifi coverage.
The wifi transmission range depends greatly on the access points of your network and of course the presence of obstacles.
You can easily verify the power of the WiFi signal with your smartphone. If you experience a very poor or absent signal, you can improve the coverage by installing a closer AP or wifi repeaters.

ONVIF protocol
onvif members ITALY IP camerasAll DSE IP cameras communicate using the ONVIF protocol that at the time of writing this text came to version 2.6.
ONVIF is an important standardization in the IP video industry, the result of the collaboration of major CCTV manufactorers. Thanks to this protocol, a DSE camera can be integrated into any IP or NVR recording software of any manufacturer compatible with this standard.
DSE is one of the few companies in Italy to be a member of ONVIF (see ONVIF MEMBER LIST). Only ONVIF members have access to the tools to certify their products' compliance to the updated standard.
This is a very important guarantee for the user, which should be considered carefully before choosing your IP camera provider.

12VDC power supply
RQ DSE IP mini cameras do not support POE (power along the network cable) because they are designed for a wifi wireless connection.
These cameras are powered at 12VDC using the included 220VAC / 12VDC 1A power adaptor.
The terminals of our  "NAKED" IP cameras  are reduced to the minimum indispensable and provide (from right to left in the picture):
1 - The RJ45 network connector for the network cable
2 - The 12VDC plug for the power supply
3 - Female RCA plug for an external audio microphone

All these cameras come with RCA female input to connect an external microphone for audio

Easy monitoring via browser
A PC and a WEB browser is enough to connect to cameras over a local network or Internet. The graphic user interface supports Internet Explorer. Through the browser it is possible to live viewing and configuring the camera.

Remote view using RTSP players
DSE IP cameras support RTSP protocol and can be watched using any RTSP player, like REAL PLAYER, QUICKTIME, VST etc.

Smartphone APP
If you do not want to install an NVR, you can directly access your cameras with a smartphone or tablet, either using your local Wi-Fi network or across the Internet.
The APP for iOS and Android can be downloaded for free.
In addition to watching live video, APP also allows you to configure camera options.


P2P cloud server
These Wi-Fi cameras include a free Peer-To-Peer cloud service to make web access as easy as possible.
You can connect with your mobile phone via the internet only by entering the camera identification serial and your personal password. You do not need to have a static IP Internet connection and you do not need any router configuration.

Motion detection and push notification
These cameras come with motion detection capability and may detect movements in the visual space of the camera. You can set up to 4 detection areas with adjustable sensitivity.
In case of intrusion the camera can send you an instant push notification on your cellphone to alert you. It can also send emails and upload files to FTP servers.
Motion detection can be enabled/disabled in certain time zones depending on the day of the week

Free configuration and recording sofware
Networking an IP Series RQ camera is easy because the IP search and configuration software is provided free of charge with the camera.
This handy software tool allows you to detect in a few seconds all networked IP Series RQ cameras, whatever the IP network settings. Once the devices are detected, it is possible, with few mouse clicks, to modify their IP parameters to match those of the network.
The software provided with the cameras also allows simultaneous live viewing of up to 16 cameras and PC video recording.

FTP autosnap (Webcam/Time-Lapse)
These cameras have a feature that is hardly found in IP cameras designed for security applications: the autosnap.
This feature allows you to load an image on a FTP server at a programmable regular cadence (every 5 seconds to every 24 hours). Autosnap is useful if you use the camera as a webcam to update an image on a web page. It is also useful if you want to take a snapshot every xxx hours (time-lapse)  to record, for example, the evolution of jobs at a site.

Compatible with ONVIF NVR and CMS software
These cameras are easily connected to our NVR and to all ONVIF NVRs from other manufacturers. Despite the wireless connection, the camera is very reliable and can run smoothly together with all of our hard-wired IP cameras.


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