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IP speed dome cameras - Naked range



Speed dome PTZ
IP camera
Full HD 1080P
150 m. IR
30x zoom lens


Speed dome PTZ
IP camera
Full HD 1080P
60 m. IR
10x zoom lens

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SONY Exmor cmos sensor inside

Full HD 1080P speed dome IP camera
water-proof with 150 m. IR illuminator
30x zoom lens

Full HD resolution 1920x1080 pixels Waterproof casing for outdoor mounting Pan Tilt Zoom camera 150 m infrared illuminator
30x zoom lens Autofocus Infrared Cut-Filter Removable


SONY Exmor cmos sensor inside

Full HD 1080P speed dome IP camera
water-proof with 60 m. IR illuminator
10x zoom lens

Full HD resolution 1920x1080 pixels Waterproof casing for outdoor mounting Pan Tilt Zoom camera 60 m infrared illuminator
10x zoom lens Autofocus Infrared Cut-Filter Removable


1/2.8" 2MP SONY CMOS
Max 1080P resol.
ONVIF protocol
30x/10x autofocus zoom
Speed up to 400°/sec.
255 preset
8 tour + autoscan
4 pattern recording
IP66 water-proof
Speed/zoom control
IR/zoom control
Surge suppressors


connessioni telecamere ip

Connections of "NAKED" cameras are limited to the minimum necessary. On the left, the RJ45 network plug, on the right, the 12VDC plug.
Thanks to the Onvif protocol, there is no need of extra wiring for camera PTZ control like for analog speed dome.



Easy connection by PC allows live view, PTZ control and camera configuration.

ip camera multi browser

WEB GUI based on Flash technology, no activeX, suitable to any browser

RJ-SD30IR interfaccia web

Configuration and testing software tool is included with the cameras. This tool is a feature rich software package which can even monitor, control and record several cameras. Besides making the setup easier, this software can be used as a PC stable client for every day use.


"Naked" IP cameras have no stand-alone recording capability. They cannot record on SD card or NAS.
These cameras are developed to connect to our NVR . They are also suitable to NVR or IP software of other vendors which support the onvif standard.


  IP camera with lens
  Mounting bracket + accessories
  220VAC/12VDC power adaptor
  IP configuration software


datasheet ip camera megapixel

technical data

Our NAKED IP cameras are the best choice for IP CCTV systems with Network Video Recorders (NVR). This product page regards PTZ speed dome models which can be controlled by an operator from remote computers.

"Naked IP camera". What does it mean?
DSE Naked IP cameras are developed to provide the maximum quality/price ratio for IP CCTV systems controlled by NVR. All hardware and software resources of these cameras are just focused to send a high quality video streaming to the NVR.
Unlike our RH range IP cameras, which come with a full pack of built-in features, these cameras cannot record video on SD cards or NAS. Besides they do not control audio and built-in I/O.
Except for these limitations, Naked cameras provide the same video quality and performance of our more expansive range.
In IP CCTV, the use of NVR is now very popular because they make the  installation much easier although being powerful and inexpensive. NVR users do not require a lot of features built-in the camera, because they mainly use the NVR to control their system.
If this is your case, this range of NAKED camera is the best choice for you, providing the highest video quality at the minimum price.

CCTV on IP network
IP cameras connect to an IP network that can be made on purpose or already existent. They include an Ethernet port that can be plugged straight to the switch.
NVR, connected to the same network, are used for video recording.
tutorial telecamere ip megapixel di rete If you need more basic information on how an IP surveillance system actually works, please click the icon on the right and watch our video tutorial which helps to understand how a CCTV system can be based over an IP network. (only Italian version available so far)

Fast and precise mechanism
These cameras are called High Speed Domes because they are able to move much faster than our standard PTZ cameras. speed dome ptz alluminum outdoorThe Pan Tilt head turns up to 400°/sec horizontal speed (PAN) and 120°/sec vertical speed (TILT).
The speed of the movement can vary according to the pressure on the control joystick and also adjusts automatically according to the zoom ratio of the lens.
The moving head is made of die-cast aluminum and is placed on an inox steel chassis in order to provide long term reliability even in heavy duty, continuous turning applications.

30x/10x zoom lens with autofocus
These speed dome cameras come with a powerful 30x zoom lens that the operator can control from remote. Mini speed dome come with 10x zoom.
Cameras feature a precise autofocus system (can be switch to manual if required) in order to adjust the focus automatically according to the target distance.  Zoom speed is adjustable.

Full HD resolution, 5 times more than analog
RJ range IP cameras provide Full HD 1080P video resolution (1920x1080 pixel). Compared with traditional analogue systems, whose maximum resolution is 720x576 or 960x576, Full HD means 5 times better video quality.
DEMO To see how a FULL HD video looks like on your monitor please download our DEMO video.

>>>FULL HD DEMO VIDEO    full hd video clip DSE

100% reliable products
The market of IP cameras is divided in quality segments, much more than analogue or HD-SDI camera ones.
For this reason we need to point out that even if the RK range is much cheaper than our RH range, this does not mean these are lower quality products.
The lower price has been achieved by just removing all those options and features which are not strictly necessary when an NVR is used to control the camera.
We did not save money on camera hardware. On the contrary, we selected the state of the art technology in order to provide the maximum video quality and product reliability.

Sony exmor cmos All cameras are based on SONY EXMOR CMOS PROGRESSIVE SCAN sensor, the best video sensor for IP cameras with 2.4 effective Megapixel.
Developed by SONY to provide high resolution and superior low light performance with IR, SONY Exmor is now the best choice for most high end IP cameras.

Ambarella A5S66 DSP
Ambarella chipsetThe brain of these cameras is the newest A5S66 DSP by Ambarella, American leader in CCTV chip manufacturing.
This is one of the best , and more expansive, microprocessor controls available today, with advanced features of digital noise reduction (3DNR) and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).
These cameras produce 2 video streaming, real time 25 f/sec for a clear view of fast moving targets.

ONVIF protocol
onvif members ITALY IP camerasAll DSE IP cameras communicate using the ONVIF protocol.
ONVIF is a very important international standard in the IP video industry, resulting from the cooperation among the most important manufacturers. Using this protocol, DSE cameras can be connected to any IP surveillance software or NVR which comply to the ONVIF standard.
DSE is one of the very few Italian companies being member of ONVIF (see ONVIF MEMBER LIST). Only ONVIF members have the tools to test the full product compliance to the most updated ONVIF standards.  Please bear this in mind when you are choosing your IP surveillance provider.

16:9 video format
CCTV 16:9 full screen full hdIn the PC industry as well as in the TV field, Full HD resolution is the digital standard of most modern LCD WIDE SCREEN monitors.
The 16:9 resolution of these cameras suits exactly the native resolution of the monitor avoiding quality loss due to the image resizing.
An RJ camera can be switched to full screen with a simple click of the mouse enjoying superb video quality of any small detail.

12VDC power
Because of the high-power illuminator, these PTZ cameras cannot support PoE power.
These cameras must be powered at 12VDC by the adaptor included.

150/60 m. infrared illuminator with ICR
Speed dome cameras come with a built-in 850 nm. infrared illuminator which allows a maximum illumination range of 150 m.
Mini speed domes, which are designed for small/medium areas come with a smaller IR illuminator with 60 m. range.
The IR illuminator switch on automatically at night at allows the camera to monitor even in darkness.
All cameras include the day & night feature so they provide color video during the day and B/W view at night.
The day & night feature is made by Infrared Cut-Filter Removable (ICR)
which provides better low light sensitivity and superior color rendering of other cheaper technologies.

These cameras can store predefined positions, generally called PRESET, each of them identified by specific XY coordinates, zoom level and focus adjustment.
Preset can be called by remote PC just entering the Preset number. It is also possible to configure automatic TOUR (also called CRUISE or PATROL) among several preset.
Cameras can store up to 255 PRESET and up to 3 TOURS.
Both preset and tours can be recalled at anytime even automatically on a time basis.

Panoramic auto SCAN
Speed dome cameras can monitor large areas by turning continuously 360° or between two limit points in order to provide a panoramic view.

DSE speed dome cameras have the auto-flip function so can turn automatically 180° in order to follow movements that turn over 90° on the vertical axis.

8 PATTERN recording
DSE Speed domes can record any custom-made sequence that can be re-called by keyboard and be executed automatically. This function is generally known like PATTERN recording.

Idle function
After a predefined period of inactivity these cameras come back to a selectable IDLE function (preset, scan, tour or pattern)   

Automatic timer
8 programmable timers are available to start some automatic functions according to the time od the day. This feature is very useful to focus surveillance on critical areas and to protect people privacy in working places.

Aluminum waterproof housing with fan and heater
These cameras come with an IP66 waterproof casing that can be installed outdoor. The casing is made of die-casted aluminum.
Inside the casing, an automatic fan and a heater preserve the camera from extreme temperature and allow the installation even in high mountains.
The wall mounting bracket is included.
Mini speed dome cameras are waterproof too, but their small size make them suitable for indoor as well.

Mini speed dome - 14 cm. only
Mini speed dome cameras are the latest development in our range of motorized cameras. They provide the same features of our bigger 30x speed dome cameras but in a much smaller casing of just 14 cm diameter.
The front cover of our mini speed domes is made with blackglass technology which hide the IR LEDs
With our mini speed dome cameras you can install a PTZ camera in any decor, indoor and outdoor, adding a touch of elegant high technology.

Wall and ceiling mount
These cameras come with a convenient wall mounting bracket. Accessories for ceiling, pole or corner mounting are available separately (see brackets for speed dome)

Easy monitoring via browser without ActiveX
To view your cameras over the network or the Internet you do not need anything else than a computer and a web browser. IP camera adobe flash GUI
Unlike other IP cameras on the market, These cameras do not require activeX components to be installed, because the WEB GUI is developed using FLASH technology. ADOBE FLASH technology is a worldwide standard so you can  use any kind of browser like the Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. leaving untouched your security settings.
Through the web interface user get access to the live view and can set all configuration options.

Free configuration tool
The IP Wizard software tool, provided free of charge with every camera, is useful to search all RJ cameras within the network in a matter of seconds. With a few click of your mouse you can set the network options of the camera and make it visible to other computer.

PTZ remote control
Unlike analog and SDI speed dome cameras, IP speed dome do not require extra cabling for PTZ control. All command are transferred via network.
User can control the camera from PC or via NVR within the local network or over the web.

Compatible with ONVIF NVR and CMS software
Using ONVIF standards, the RJ range cameras can be connected to any ONFIV compliant IP recording software or stand-alone NVR (Network Video Recorder). Should you need an NVR, please see our NVR range.

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