WiFi IP cameras - Dual frequency


Wi-Fi IP camera for outdoor / indoor with 30 m. IR and built-in 16GB memory

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With 30 m. IR with 16GB memory
for indoor/outdoor

4 megapixel 2512x1520 resolution 3.6 mm. fixed lens 16GB built-in memory Waterproof casing for outdoor mounting 30 m infrared illuminator
Motion detection
 Wi-Fi control with mobile APP WEB access with free P2P cloud server


4MP resolution
water-proof IP67
30 m. IR

WiFi + IP wired
ONVIF supported
built-in 16GB memory
P2P cloud server
Android/iOS app
software for PC/MAC


Free APP for Android iOS with P2P cloud server for easy web control

Browser WEB GUI suitable for IE/Firefox.
Allowing live view, playback, configuration.

Free software for PC/MAC




With our wifi IP cameras you can install a CCTV camera without any wire other than the power supply. They are ideal to reach places where hardwire cabling is not possible, or too expensive.
These cameras come with a built-in memory to record videos. They can be easily controlled by PC or smartphone.
Fully supporting ONVIF standards, our wifi cameras can be linked to any NVR for IP surveillance.

Built-in Wi-Fi @ 2.4 and 5 GHz
These cameras come with built-in wi-fi.
2 antennas, for 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi networks, are placed on the back.
The hardwire Ethernet port is also available, to be used for preliminary configuration or in case the wireless connection is not required in your system.

Wi-Fi range
Before installing a wifi camera, you must be sure the place you choose is well covered by your wifi network.
The transmission range of wifi network depends very much on your access points. You can easily check the signal power with your smartphone. Should you find a poor signal, you can install additional access points or signal repeaters.

ONVIF protocol
onvif members ITALY IP camerasLike all DSE IP cameras, these wi-fi cameras  communicate using the ONVIF protocol.
ONVIF is a very important international standard in the IP video industry, resulting from the cooperation among the most important manufacturers. Using this protocol, DSE cameras can be connected to any IP surveillance software or NVR which comply to the ONVIF standard.
DSE is one of the very few Italian companies being member of ONVIF (see ONVIF MEMBER LIST). Only ONVIF members have the tools to test the full product compliance to the most updated ONVIF standards.  Please bear this in mind when you are choosing your IP surveillance supplier.

NVR compatible
nvr con mouseThese cameras are easy to connect to our NVR as well as to any IP video recorder supporting the Onvif protocol.
In spite of wireless, these cameras are reliable and can be used with confidence together with our hard-wired IP cameras. In case of power failure, they are designed to reconnect automatically.

4 MEGAPIXEL resolution @ 25 f/sec
wifi cameras 4 megapixelRM-BCC5WF is one of the highest resolution wifi cameras available today. Video stream can be adjusted up to 2560x1440 (4MP) @ 25 frame/second.
If required, the video resolution can be reduced to lower values, like 3MP, 1080P or 720P.
4MP resolution means over 2 times FullHD 1080P (2MP) and over 8 times the standard analog CVBS video.

Built-in in memory and motion detection
RM range cameras can be linked to any NVR for video recording but they are also capable to record on their own 16GB internal memory.
These cameras are able to detect intruders, with their MOTION DETECTION feature. Recording only in motion detection mode, there is no risk to waste precious memory space for useless videos.
Once memory is full, you can set the camera to stop recording or go ahead overwriting old files.
All videos recorded in the built-in memory can be played or downloaded by PC or smartphone. One hour recording, at 4MP,  takes around 1.8GB, so the 16GB built-in memory allows over 8 hours motion video storage.

12VDC power
The only wired connection required by these cameras  is power.
These cameras take 12VDC power and the 220V power adaptor is included in the package.
The wiring cables include the Ethernet port which is useful during installation and can be left disconnected once wifi is activated.
A reset pushbutton is also available, to restore factory settings.

Controlling by browser
You can access your cameras by PC just using an Internet browser like IE or Firefox.
After logging-in, you can watch live videos and play recorded footage. You can also set the camera options.

Smartphone APP
These wifi cameras can be fully controlled by smartphone or tablet both over the wifi local network or over the Internet.
Our APP,  is free to download for iOS and Android. It is easy to use and allows multiple cameras live video and playback.

P2P cloud server
Like our best surveillance DVR, these cameras comes with free Peer-To-Peer cloud service. You can enjoy live view over the Internet with your smartphone, just entering your ID and your password.
There is no need of static IP address or router port forwarding because our P2P server does the job for you. Just install the APP and  watch your camera on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are.

PUSH notification
In case of intrusion alarm, a real time push notification can be sent to your mobile phone

PC/MAC software
These cameras  come with a free software package for live view and playback. It works on internal LAN and even over the web, with full support of our P2P cloud server.

IP66 waterproof
All cameras in this range come in a waterproof casing (IP66). They can be install outdoor without further protection.
Nevertheless, the attractive design of these cameras make them suitable for indoor use as well.

30 m. IR illuminator
All these cameras include an infrared illuminator which allows the camera to monitor in the dark up to 30 m.
Featuring Day&Night function, these cameras gives color picture during the day and turn to B&W at night. The IR LEDs turn on automatically as soon as the light drop below 0.3 Lux, allowing optimal view in total darkness.
In the surveillance of wide areas, the range of the built-in illuminator can be increased using external stand-alone IR illuminators.

Wide-angle lens
In order to keep the size of the camera quite small, which is important for indoor mounting, we decided to use a fixed 3.6 mm mini-lens on these cameras.
This wide angle lens  is ideal for indoor and for outdoor monitoring of small/medium areas.

Smartphone APP

Free P2P server for easy connection over the Internet

Real time alarm push notification on mobile phone

Product includes:
  Waterproof camera with lens
  2 omni-directional antennas

  Mounting bracket for wall/ceiling mount
  DC+LAN cable (50 cm.)
  220VAC/12VDC power adaptor