Audio/video digital transmitters for CCTV cameras


Digital wireless transmitter for audio/video analogue signals

Digital wireless receiver for RE-DTX1

Digital wireless transmitter for audio/video analogue signals with RS485 speed dome protocol  extender

Digital wireless receiver for RE-DTX3

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Wireless digital transmitter for analogue video signals

Digital transmitters

Wireless receiver for RE-DTX2

Digital transmitters



Wireless digital transmitter for analogue speed dome cameras

Digital transmitters

Wireless receiver for RE-DTX3

Digital transmitters


wireless transmitter receiver for CCTV analogue signal


2.4 GHz wireless
150 m range
Up to 3 cameras
Interference free
ID coded signal
Wireless IR / RS485



A/V transmitters can be used to convert any wired camera into a wireless camera. In addition they can be used to transfer without wires any kind of video signal like DVR, TV etc.

wireless CCTV cameras ID coded

 Digital audio/video transmitters 

wireless transmitter receiver for CCTV analogue signalRE-DTX2/3 are  a new generation of wireless transmitters for analogue audio/video signals.
Unlike old style transmitters which transform the analogue signal in a RF transmission, this state-of-the-art digital transmitters convert the analogue signal in a digital video and send out a wireless  video stream. The RE-DRX2/3 receivers re-decode the digital video in an analogue output in such a way that any PAL monitor or DVR can be connected. The great advantage of digital transmission is the interference-free video quality, which is really equal in terms of  resolution and stability to a hard-wired camera.

 2.4 GHz frequency hopping technology 

2.4 GHz video transmittersRE-DTX2/3 transmitters operate over the free 2.4 GHz band as most wireless equipment.
In order to avoid interferences
with other systems on the same frequency, such as Wi-Fi network for example, these transmitters use FHSS technology (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum).
FHSS technology is a radio transmission technique where transmitter and receiver change their frequency regularly on a random basis.
FHSS allows 3 main advantages:
  Absolute interference-free signal
  Not perturbing other 2.4 GHz systems in the area (wi-fi etc.)
  Not possible to receive the signal without the right receiver

 ID coded wireless video transmission

RE-DTX2/3 are high security equipment designed to avoid any access which is not authorized. The transmitter unit communicates only with its own receiver using GFSK modulation and a random ID code technique. The wireless video signal cannot been received by any receiver other  than its own.

 Transmitter and receiver

In order to convert your traditional hard-wired camera in a wireless camera you need to buy one RE-DTX2/3 transmitter and one RE-DRX2/3 receiver.
The transmitter module must be connected to the camera using the cable included (Video female BNC + Audio female RCA) while the receiver is placed closed to the monitor or DVR and provides the same outputs (Video BNC male + Audio RCA male).
Transmitter and receiver must be powered at 9..12VDC (220VAC adaptor included)
Transmitter and receiver are supplied already paired by factory so no operation is required to make them work together. A pairing procedure is anyway available in case it is required for maintenance purpose.
The transmitter is usually placed near the camera, but it can also be installed faraway if this means avoiding obstacles and improving signal reception.

 Clean noise-free video

If you used in the past analogue wireless transmitters you will be surprised by the RE-DTX2/3 signal stability. The real-rime video and audio has the same stability and definition of a hard-wired signal. The digital video streaming, Full D1 720x576 video resolution, can be used for any kind of camera even high resolution models.

 Available models

DSE digital transmitters are available in 2 versions:
  RE-DTX2 + RE-DRX2: Audio/Video transmitter and receiver for one analogue video signal (camera, DVR etc) with repeater for IR remote control. This model is ideal for any cameras as well as for wireless transmission of TV or DVR video output.
  RE-DTX3 + RE-DRX3: Audio/Video transmitter and receiver for one analogue camera with repeater for RS485 speed dome  control. This model is ideal for speed dome cameras. 

 Wireless RS485 PTZ control (RE-DTX3)

RE-DTX3 comes with a built-in RS485 transmitter which allows transferring without wires, not only video and audio but also the RS485 commands of a speed dome camera.
The RE-DRX3 receiver has 2 terminals for the control keyboard or DVR while the RE-DTX3 transmitter has 2 terminals to be connected to the speed dome camera.
Using RE-DTX3 transmitter and RE-DRX3 receiver you can install speed dome cameras totally wirefree.
This auxiliary function, which comes standard on RE-DTX3/RE-DRX3, is suitable to all DSE speed dome and supports PELCO P/D protocol ad 1200/2400/4800/9600 bps.
speed dome senza fili rs485

 Transmission range and number of channels

The maximum operating distance between transmitter and receiver is 150 m. in open air line-of-sight.
The presence of obstacles between the antennas effect the range dramatically, therefore it is recommended to reduce the number of obstacles as much as possible and in any case not to exceed 3/4 walls.
An icon on the corner of the video output indicates the strength of the wireless signal in real time.
For more information on the radio transmission range of DSE systems, please read the tutorial on wireless system range.
FHSS technology allows to install up to 3 RE-DTX2/3 transmitters in the same place without they interfere each other.

 Product includes:

  Audio/Video transmitter or receiver
  Connection cable with terminals
  9VDC power adaptor for 220V mains
  Omni-directional antenna
  BNC RCA adaptors set

Product overall dimensions: 54x80x15 mm. Weight: 84 gr.


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