NVR for Onvif IP cameras DN SERIES

Our network video recorders for home/office IP video surveillance systems. Feature-rich, yet easy to use, these NVR are the perfect control station for your network CCTV system.

NVR for ONVIF cameras



NVR for external IP onvif camera

NVR for 32 IP cameras

32 IP cameras It can contain max. 2 HDD Maximum resolution 5MP Motion detection WEB control with free P2P cloud server Free APP for smartphones and tablets


NVR for external IP onvif camera  8 HDD

NVR for 32 IP cameras - 8 HDD

32 IP cameras It can contain max. 8 HDD Maximum resolution 5MP Motion detection WEB control with free P2P cloud server Free APP for smartphones and tablets


Video recorders for network CCTV

These NVRs are video recorders for Onvif IP cameras. They are part of our DN range, for the residential market, which also includes the hybrid DVRs, for IP and analogue cameras. With these NVRs you can manage and record IP cameras, both our own and other manufacturers, using the universal ONVIF protocol, which is today a very widespread international standard.

How and why to install an NVR?

You may wonder why there are NVRs, when IP cameras can record on their SD card and can be managed with a computer. NVRs exist because they allow you to record many cameras and view them on a TV monitor, without the need for a PC. They also include many convenient functions that make controlling your system easier. These NVRs have a single RJ45 network port that you can connect anywhere in your network, to a router or switch. The NVR can automatically detect all onvif IP cameras that you have connected to your network, both wired and Wi-Fi. If you want to see how easy it is to operate an IP camera system with these NVRs, check out our video tutorial on the side. Below is an example of a small IP video surveillance system. Note that the cameras are connected to a switch and not to the video recorder as in analog systems.


High resolution up to 5 Megapixels

These NVRs allow you to monitor and record onvif IP cameras up to 5MP resolution. The cameras at 2MP (1080P or Full HD), are today the most frequent choice in residential CCTV systems for their excellent cost-performance ratio. The cameras at 4MP and 5 MP are used in high-end CCTV systems where high recognition of distant targets is required. NVRs can manage cameras of different resolution together so that, when designing your system, you can mix different kind of cameras depending on the importance of the monitored area. These DN Series NVRs can not handle cameras over 5MP, today rarely used in residential systems. For cameras over 5MP you can consider our DS range 4K NVR.

DSE is member of ONVIF

You can buy our NVR with confidence. DSE is among the very few companies in Italy to be a member of the international ONVIF association which brings together the leading manufacturers in the field and establishes the communication standard between IP security equipment. Our NVRs strictly support the updated ONVIF standard so YOU CAN USE OUR NVR WITH ALL IP CAMERAS supporting this standard, of any brand.

Automatic camera set up

It is very easy to start up a DN series NVR. After installing the cameras, each with its own IP address, you just have to connect the NVR to the network and start the automatic search function. The NVR automatically search your network and detects all Onvif IP cameras of any brand. You just have to choose where to place the camera on the screen and press the ADD button.

VGA and HDMI monitor outputs

The NVRs in this range are compatible with all types of monitors. The most frequently used monitor port is HDMI You can use HDMI port to connect a FullHD TV set. The NVR also has a VGA port, to which you can connect a PC monitor. These two video outputs, HDMI and VGA, display the same video signal and you can use them at the same time. Preferably, buy a FullHD 1080P resolution monitor for best performance with these NVRs. If you want to split the HDMI video output, to connect several monitors, or you need to connect a monitor away from the NVR, take a look at ours HDMI splitters and transmitters.

Digital recording on Hard Disk

These digital video recorders store video files on one or more internal hard disks. Videos can be recorded continuously or just in case of intrusion. NVRs are supplied without any Hard Disk. Please buy separately an Hard Disk of the right size according to the required storage capacity. You can use any SATA Hard Disk up to 4TB. Even ordinary PC hard disks are fine with these NVR, but for a longer durability we recommend special Hard Disks for video surveillance, such as those you can find in our catalog. Check the technical tables at the bottom of this page for the maximum number of Hard Disks that can be installed for each model.

Hard Disk WD Purple for NVR DVR

Video backup via USB 3.0

Thanks to several search functions, it is easy to find in the timeline the most important video files. You can export your video footage that contain important events to provide them to law enforcement. This backup operation can be done by computer over the network, or by inserting a pen drive into the USB port of the NVR. All DN series NVRs come with a high-speed USB 3.0 port to allow you to export large video files in a relatively short time. Video files are exported in a standard AVI format that can be played with common free video players like VLC.

Elegant Touch keyboard

These DN Series IP video recorders are supplied in a stylish, yet robust metal case. Inside there are the hard disk bays. You can install the NVR next to the monitor, but also, if you prefer, in a hidden place. far from tampering attempts. The glass front panel with touch-sensitive pushbuttons makes this surveillance device an elegant piece of furniture, suitable to any decor.


A) AUDIO - In IP systems the microphone connects to the camera and not to the video recorder, as in analog systems. However, all our NVRs have RCA audio input output to connect a microphone and a speaker. These are used as intercom, to communicate with people on site, through APP or PC B) NETWORK - These NVRs have only one RJ45 port to connect to the network. One external switch is required for the cameras C) VGA D) HDMI - Here you can connect FullHD monitors E) USB 2.0/3.0 The USB ports are used for the mouse (included) and for USB pen drive F) INPUTS - You can connect contacts or sensors to generate alarms G) OUTPUTS - You can connect buzzers, sounders, lighting or any other electrical equipment to be activated in the event of an alarm H) RS485/232 Serial ports for controlling electromechanical Pan Tilt units.

NOTICE) Check the terminals available for each model in the technical data table at the bottom of this page


Motion Detection

These NVRs can analyze the video and generate alarm actions if an intrusion occurs. This function is commonly defined MOTION DETECTION. For each camera you can set the detection area, the sensitivity and the arming/disarming week scheduler. In the event of an intrusion you can start recording and send out emails and notifications to PC or mobile phone. You can also upload video to FTP servers on the WEB, as well as moving PTZ motorized cameras.

Control of PTZ cameras

Through the NVR you can control movements, zoom and automatic functions of PTZ motorized cameras. You can do that with the mouse of the NVR or from remote, over the Internet, by PC or mobile phones. In the event of a motion alarm, the NVR can automatically recall a preset of the cameras. In IP systems, control of PTZ cameras does not require additional wiring as all the commands are transferred over the network thanks to the Onvif protocol.

Intercom function

These DN Series NVRs have an audio input and output for bidirectional intercom. You can connect an external microphone and a loudspeaker. When you connect to the NVR remotely, with a computer or mobile phone, you can talk to the people in the environment to provide instructions or warnings. This is a very useful feature in many industrial applications and also in residential surveillance, when monitoring elderlies or non self-sufficient people.

Flexible monitoring with PiP and PaP

DN Series NVRs allow you to customize your monitor according to the importance of different cameras. The most common display setting shows all the cameras on the screen, which is split into 4,9,16,25 or 32 windows. Alternatively you can choose to show the full screen scan of each camera. You can digitally zoom in and out with the mouse both in live view and in playback. If an alarm occurs, you can use the Pop-Up function to automatically bring all cameras in the area full screen. These NVRs also support the Picture-In-Picture display, showing one camera overlay, and Picture-And-Picture display mode, to show several magnifications of a general wide-angle camera in separate windows.

Compliant with local Privacy regulation

The DN Series NVRs record on their internal hard disk on the base of the user configuration. Once the memory is exhausted they automatically overwrite the old video files. In order to suit all national privacy regulations, it is possible to limit the number of days to be kept in the archive. If you need to set up privacy masks to obscure sensitive areas, remember that in IP systems this setting should be done in the cameras, not in the NVR.


Connect with the web browser

Every computer on the network is a perfect monitor for your NVR. No software needs to be installed. Just open the Internet Explorer browser and type the login password for watch the LIVE video of all the cameras on the screen. You can RECORD, take snapshots and ZOOM in and out by dragging the mouse. A user friendly configuration menu allows you to SET all the options of the NVR from the computer. You can also PLAY recorded footage online, searching by date and time. With your browser, you can even DOWNLOAD video files to your computer in AVI format.


Connect with your smartphone

With our free APP for Android and iOS, you can control the NVR with a mobile phone or tablet. You can use the app within your Wi-Fi network, typing the IP address of the NVR, but also via the Internet, typing in your CLOUD ID. You can watch the LIVE VIDEO of 16 cameras on the screen and control PTZ cameras. You can RECORD, take snapshots and use the digital ZOOM with the classic two-finger gesture. You can also PLAY video footage searching by date and time. If you enable the motion detection feature, you can RECEIVE real-time push notification on the mobile phone when an intrusion occurs.


Free P2P Cloud Server

With your smartphone and your computer you can control your NVR through the Internet. Each NVR has its own ID number and is registered in our P2P cloud server which you can use for free with no limits. Thanks to PEER-TO-PEER (P2P) technology, you can connect via the Internet in a few seconds, even if your Internet connection does not have static IP address and with no need to modify your router configuration. Our P2P cloud server allows you to use these NVRs even with a cellular or satellite Internet connection.


Alarms notification via E-mail, FTP, Push

These NVRs allow you to send remote alerts in the event of an alarm. You can send messages via EMAIL, with pictures attached, as well as PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to smartphones. You can also save video files on web FTP servers . When you receive an alarm, you can immediately connect with your video surveillance system to check what is going on. Remember that the IP cameras can also send their own notification. You are free to use camera notification in addition to those you set in the NVR.

Free CMS software

If you want, you can use a computer as a monitoring station, to supervise many NVRs. You do not have to buy anything to do it. You just have to download ours free CMS software which is suitable for all our DN series NVR and DVRs. You can install the CMS software on as many computers as you want and use it freely, either as a main monitoring station or as an additional control unit. CMS can manage many NVRs, displaying up to 64 cameras simultaneously on screen, in multiple custom layouts. The CMS software allows you to import graphic maps and receive alarms from remote NVRs generating local warning sounds. You can also configure all options of the NVR with this software. CMS fully supports our P2P cloud server, so you can easily reach your NVRs over the Internet.



Description NVR for ip cameras NVR for ip cameras
Video channels 32 IP 32 IP
Compatible cameras ONVIF IP cameras ONVIF IP cameras
ONVIF Protocol Onvif profile S Onvif profile S
Video compressions H264 H264
Video resolution Max. 5MP Max. 5MP
Dual stream
Network ports 1xRJ45 10/100/1000 1xRJ45 10/100/1000
Incoming bandwidth Max. 80 MBPS Max. 80 MBPS
POE ports for cameras Requires external switch Requires external switch
Hard Disk Capacity 2 SATA Max. 4TB 8 SATA Max. 4TB
Audio inputs 1 RCA for two-way audio 1 RCA for two-way audio
Audio outputs 1 RCA for two-way audio 1 RCA for two-way audio
Alarm inputs 16 NO/NC
Alarm outputs 4 NO/NC
Serial ports RS485 RS485 - RS232
USB ports 1xUSB2.0 1xUSB3.0 2xUSB2.0 1xUSB3.0
HD video outputs 1xHDMI 1xVGA 1xHDMI 1xVGA
Resolution of HD video outputs 1024x768 1280x1024 1440x900 1280x720 (720P) 1920x1080 (1080P) 1024x768 1280x1024 1440x900 1280x720 (720P) 1920x1080 (1080P)
CVBS video outputs
IR remote control
P2P Cloud Server Free with QRcode Free with QRcode
Browser IE8 or higher IE8 or higher
Smartphone iPhone iPad Android Android-Pad iPhone iPad Android Android-Pad
CMS Software Windows Windows
Recording mode Scheduled, Continuous, Motion, Alarm Scheduled, Continuous, Motion, Alarm
Multi display 4/9/16/32 cameras, scan, Pop-Up, PiP, PaP 4/9/16/32 cameras, scan, Pop-Up, PiP, PaP
Motion detection Adjustable with week scheduler for each channel Adjustable with week scheduler for each channel
Alarm actions Recording Buzzer PTZ FTP Email Push Notifications Recording Buzzer PTZ FTP Email Push Notifications
PTZ control of IP cameras
PTZ control via serial port RS485 PelcoD RS485 PelcoD
Digital zoom
Automatic overwrite
Video archive limitation for privacy
Video search with timeline
Password protection
Container Metal with touchpad Metal with touchpad
Operating temperature -10°C +55°C RH95% Max -10°C +55°C RH95% Max
Power supply 12VDC +/-10% 100-240 VAC
Power consumption Max 18W (without HDD) Max 50W (without HDD)
Overall dimensions 335x255x40 mm 440x447x90 mm
Weight 1.36 Kg (without HDD) 5.60 Kg (without HDD)


What is included?


What is not included?

All our NVRs are supplied without Hard Disk. In our price list you can buy specific Hard Disks for video surveillance to be installed inside.

What is the price?

You can find the prices of our products in our Online Price List or in the CCTV STORE, our e-commerce portal.