Number plate recognition analog/AHD cameras (LPR ANPR)


180 KM/H

Water-proof AHD 1080P + CVBS  IR camera for number plate recognition up to 180 Km/h with motor zoom lens


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ANPR IP cameras

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AHD video output provide HD 720P resolution if connected to AHD DVR
All cameras with this logo come with AHD (Analog High Resolution) video output besides traditional CVBS.
An AHD suitable DVR is required to use the AHD output

MAX. 180 KM/H

SONY Exmor cmos sensor inside

ANPR LPR car plate camera

AHD 1080P This camera supports CVBS standard analog

Water-proof camera with IR and headlights compensation for license plate recognition of vehicles moving at max. 180 Km/h
Best view at 5-30 m.
AHD 1080P
Analog CVBS 1000 TVL
OSD with remote control (RS485)
Motor 5-50 mm. zoom lens

AHD video output @ FullHD 1920x1080 pixels resolution 1000 TVL resolution Waterproof casing for outdoor mounting 30 m infrared illuminator
5 to 50 mm. varifocal lens Remote zoom control On Screen Display with RS485 remote control Infrared Cut-Filter Removable


AHD 1080P + CVBS
   24h car plate reading
   adjustable lens
   motor or manual lens
   headlights suppression
   IR illuminator
   cars up to 180 Km/h
   RS485 remote control




Inside casing

lpr camera anpr car plate OCR

Unlike other products on the market, these cameras are not based on a standard camera body. We have developed a dedicated piece of electronic for LPR applications with superior quality/price ratio.

Night vision

Under full beam headlights

Under dipped beam headlights

Under no headlights

Motor or manual lens

The varifocal lens must be adjusted according to the vehicles distance. Motor zoom and manual lens versions are available.



The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is nowadays essential in several CCTV applications. From company's access controls to petrol station surveillance, the clear recognition of car's license plate may add a great value to any  CCTV video-recording systems.
Even in domestic or commercial surveillance systems, license plate recognition cameras can be used to monitor the access road to the property, providing vital information in several circumstances.
State-of-the-art technologies make these products the most advanced plate recognition cameras available today.
Include one or more of these cameras in your CCTV system and you will be sure that the car plate of all vehicles will be stored in your videorecorder, never mind if it is day or night, headlight on or off, low or high speed.

Number plate recognition (LPR ANPR)
Reading a vehicle number plate is a too difficult job for a standard CCTV camera. The main problem is the exposure caused by headlight at night, but even during the day the light reflection on the number plate can make a clear number recognition virtually impossible.
All cameras in this range are special cameras, which have been specifically designed for car plate recognition, also called ANPR  (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) or LPR (License Plate Recognition).

Extra light suppression
To avoid exposure caused by car's headlights these cameras use a suppression system to compensate the visible light coming from the vehicle towards the camera. The camera provide clear characters recognition in any light condition.

High resolution camera
High video resolution is a crucial factor in ANPR applications. This range supports the latest high resolution standard for analog video.

Sensor Sony Exmor CMOS 2MP
CVBS resolution 1000 TVL
AHD resolution FullHD 1080P 1920x1080
CVI/TVI resolution -

Based on megapixel CMOS sensor, these cameras get to 1000 TVL in normal analog mode, and can be connected to any DVR. In addition this camera supports AHD technology and reaches HD720P or FullHD 1080P resolution when used with our latest generation AHD DVR

AHD cameras - Analog HD AHD 1080P

Analog HD - AHD
AHD technology is the latest development in the analog CCTV industry and is supported by almost all models in this range.
Launched in May 2014 by Nextchip, worldwide leader in DSP for CCTV cameras, AHD technology brings analog cameras up to FULL HD 1080P (1920x1080) video resolution. Before AHD, megapixel resolution was only possible using digital cameras.
Connected to latest generation AHD DVR, these cameras provide megapixel resolution, with no latency, still being low cost and easy to install as standard analog cameras.
Like any analog cameras, AHD cameras can be wired by normal coaxial or twisted pair cables up to several hundreds meters.

Image sensors
Sony exmor cmos
One of the most critical factors which is making the difference among the cameras is the image sensor.
CCD sensors have been for years the primary choice for CCTV cameras in consequence of their superior pixel sensitivity. In recent times, CMOS technology took over, being more suitable to high megapixel resolution.
DSE chose 2.4 MP SONY EXMOR CMOS sensors for all ANPR cameras.

The infrared illuminator
Plate recognition cameras use IR illumination to read car's plate.
All cameras come with Day/Night function and delivers color images while there is enough light to do so. When darkness falls the illuminator comes on automatically and the camera turns to B/W.
These cameras come with 4 Maxi IR LED array's with over 30 m. range. A system for IR power adjustment is included in order to best suit the target distance. 
All cameras in this range include the day & night feature with Infrared Cut-Filter Removable (ICR).

ATTENTION. The IR illuminator of these cameras is specifically designed for number plate illumination and cannot illuminate the rest of the scene which will not be visible as shown in the sample frames on the left and in the demo video at the end of the page.
For a general night view, it is possible to install any of the standard DSE IR cameras which do not effect the number plate reading function of these cameras.

The optimum viewing distance
These ANPR cameras can read both front and back car plate. They must be placed as much as possible in front of the vehicle, keeping an angle between the camera and the car direction around 30°.
Cameras are focused for optimal view at 5-30 m. from the lens
It is recommended to install the camera respecting the optimal distance from the target, because this will provide  the best reading performance.

The speed of the vehicle
This range of ANPR cameras includes models for high speed up to 180 Km/h

Motor zoom lens
These camera include an adjustable lens in order to better suit the target distance. The lens is adjustable from 5 to 5 mm.
Once the camera is installed, the lens must be adjusted in order to focus the traffic lane.
Motor zoom versions are very convenient because the lens can be adjusted from remote.

Waterproof housing
These cameras come inside a robust, completely waterproof polycarbonate casing which guarantees a protection level of IP67, meaning that the camera can be exposed to rain and outdoor conditions (see the IP table in the tutorial on housings).

Waterproof cameras do not include built-in microphone.

OSD with remote control
RE-BCC8.. high speed cameras come with RS485 port. Through the RS485 port the OSD options of the camera as well as the IR power can be adjusted from remote by means of any Pelco D keypad for speed dome cameras or DVR.
Wiring the RS485 port it is not essential but is recommended for better and more convenient setting of these cameras.

All cameras includes swivel bracket for wall-mounting. Both video and power cable runs through the bracket in order to avoid outdoor cabling.

These cameras can be set to work as normal analog cameras or like AHD cameras. 
A 50 cm. cable with DC Plug, BNC female video connector, and RS485 terminals comes out from the back side of the camera.
A 220VAC/12VDC power adaptor, like RE-AL4S, can be connected to the DC plug to power up the camera. Min 1000mA, fully regulated, power adaptor is required. Should you prefer to provide the power from a central point you can order a power supply unit in metal casing.
Should the adaptor be placed far from the camera, an adequate section of the power cables must be used due to the considerable power consumption of the IR LED's board.
Video signal must be hard-wired to TV/Monitor/VCR using RG59 or RG179 coaxial cable (see cables). Coaxial cable must be terminated with RE-BNCCR1, crimp type, connectors. Alternatively, the video signal can also be wired using a twisted pair installing on both ends two balun converters.
AHD cameras connects exactly as all other analog cameras, but provide HD resolution only with AHD DVR.  AHD 720P models work with all our AHD DVR while AHD 1080P cameras require 1080P AHD DVR. All AHD cameras can be switched to CVBS (standard analog video) if required.
RE-BCC8.. cameras come with RS485 port with Pelco D protocol.  2 RS485 terminals of the camera must be connected to a PTZ keyboard or a DVR by means of a twisted pair.
For further information, have a look at the DSE tutorials which include several useful lessons about how to wire a CCTV system.

The product includes:
  Waterproof camera with lens
  Swivel bracket for wall-mounting
  Video and power cable

NOTE: These cameras are supplied without power adaptor, which must be ordered separately, if required.



Watch the video demo of a real LPR system with ANPR camera and AHD 1080P DVR