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Motorized cameras, also called PTZ cameras or speed-dome cameras,  are CCTV cameras that an operator may turn and zoom at will. These cameras can be controlled from a remote site and are also able to make automatic pre-programmed movements.

Understanding PTZ and speed dome 
The word PTZ stay for Pan Tilt Zoom and indicates cameras that can be turned on horizontal (PAN) and vertical (TILT) axis, with motorized lens (ZOOM).
The term speed dome indicates a camera with round shape (DOME) which is able to turn at high speed.

IP and AHD
We produce ptz cameras in AHD/analog and IP version. AHD and IP PTZ cameras have similar physical structure and same features. Obviously they come with different terminals because AHD cameras must be plugged to a DVR while IP cameras are connected to a network.

Cabling IP PTZ cameras
PTZ IP cameras do not require any extra wiring than fixed IP cameras. Just the LAN cable is enough for video and control. Please note anyway that PTZ IP cameras do not support POE, so they need separate power supply.

Cabling AHD/Analog PTZ cameras
PTZ AHD/analog cameras require 2 additional control wires which are not requested by ordinary cameras. This control wires consist in a twisted pair (RS485 BUS) which connect all cameras and control units in series. Each camera has a unique ID code,  which is set in the configuration.
DSE PTZ commands are based on the very common PELCO P/D protocol and are suitable to be controlled by any equipment supporting this standard. .

PTZ, speed dome and mini speed dome 
We produce 3 types of motorized cameras, all in IP and AHD versions:
1 - PTZ bullet cameras
2 - Speed dome cameras
3 - Mini Speed Dome cameras
Although providing similar features, these cameras are designed for different application

PTZ bullet cameras 
PTZ bullet cameras are our less expensive motorized cameras. They are similar to fixed bullet cameras and this make them suitable for any system. 
PTZ cameras move at low speed (max. 12 °/sec) and their shape is meant to monitor just the area in front of the camera (250° PAN, 55° TILT).
The built-in mechanism of PTZ bullet cameras is designed for occasional operations, so these cameras should stay fixed most of the time and operated when required.

Speed dome cameras 
Speed dome cameras are our most expensive motorized cameras. Thanks to the dome shape, these cameras are able to monitor in any direction (360°)
Speed domes move much faster then PTZ bullet cameras (up to 400°/sec) and their strong mechanism is designed to bear even continuous rotations.
Our speed dome cameras, come with powefull zoom lenses to cover large areas.
The big size of these cameras make them unsuitable for indoor mounting.

Mini Speed dome cameras 
Mini speed dome cameras, as their name suggest,  are small size speed domes, ideal for residential or indoor used, where big speed domes would look out of place.
Mini speed domes have similar features of big speed domes, but smaller zoom lens and less IR power. Therefore, they are best for covering small/medium areas.

All our speed dome cameras can be controlled by our DVR/NVR.
Through DVR/NVR you can move PTZ cameras with your mouse and even over the web by PC or smartphone.
If you prefer a traditional joystick control, you can also move these cameras with our speed dome keyboards which are very convenient to use for local control.