Video transmitters for analog CCTV cameras


Wireless transmitter for analog video

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Video Trasmettiter

Wireless transmitter + receiver
for analog video
(analog transmission)


transmitter+ receiver
2.4 GHz wireless
Up to 150 m range
up to 3 transmitter


technical data




Our video transmitters can be used to convert analog hardwired camera in wireless camera.  

 2.4 GHz wireless

These wireless kits work on 2.4 GHz band which is free to be used for private data transmission. You can connect this kits to any analog camera to convert it in a wireless camera.
These transmitter are suitable for CVBS analog signal. They do not support high definition analog standards like AHD/CVI/TVI

 Transmitter and receiver

These wireless kits include transmitter and receiver.
The transmitter module must be connected to the camera using the cable included while the receiver is placed closed to the monitor or DVR.
Transmitter and receiver must be powered at 9..24VDC (220VAC adaptor is not included)
Transmitter and receiver are supplied already paired by factory so no operation is required to make them work together.
The transmitter is usually placed near the camera, but it can also be installed not so closed if this means avoiding obstacles and improving signal reception.

 Up to 3 transmitter/receiver per site

You can use up to 3 transmitters and receivers in one place. Each kit is supplied paired by factory so no setting is required on site.

 Transmission range up to 100/150 m.

The maximum operating distance between transmitter and receiver is 100 or 150 m. in open air line-of-sight according to model (see table below).
The presence of obstacles between the antennas effect the range dramatically, therefore it is recommended to reduce the number of obstacles as much as possible and in any case not to exceed 3/4 walls.

 Product includes:

  Video transmitter or receiver
  Connection cable with terminals
  Omni-directional antenna