Plug & Play CCTV wifi kits

WiFi, ready to use, CCTV systems. No configuration Wireless kits, ideal for apartments, shops and small size properties.




Plug&Play wifi CCTV kit, including NVR and from 1 to 8 2MP cameras

Installazione plug and play in 5 minuti Waterproof casing for outdoor H264 and H265 video compression Infrared illuminator up to 30 m. 3.6 mm. fixed wide-angled lense Motion detection Wifi Wireless cameras WEB control with free P2P cloud server Free APP for smartphone and tablet Can hold HDD up to 8TB


Plug&Play wifi CCTV kit, including NVR and from 1 to 4 8MP cameras

Installazione plug and play in 5 minuti Waterproof casing for outdoor H264 and H265 video compression Infrared illuminator up to 30 m. 3.6 mm. fixed wide-angled lense Motion detection Wifi Wireless cameras WEB control with free P2P cloud server Free APP for smartphone and tablet Can hold HDD up to 8TB




Additional camera for wifi CCTV kits RKK



Additional dome camera for wifi CCTV kits RKK



Additional camera for wifi CCTV kits RKK


Outdoor junction box for WiFi kit cameras


Accessory for mounting junction boxes on round poles


WiFi repeater to extend the wifi range (Max 2 per Kit)


12VDC battery for camera backup in case of mains power failure


Order any other WiFi cameras in our website and we will include it in the kit


The 100% DIY kit

Are you looking for a CCTV system which you can install by yourself in just a few minutes? Our plug and play wifi kits are the best choice for you. Everything you need is included in the package: cameras, power adapters and NVR. You do not need any technical skills: just follow our simple mounting instructions and in a few minutes you will see your cameras appear on your monitor and on your mobile phone.

High-performance Wifi: 300 m. range without obstacles

With our RKK wifi kits you do not have to worry about running cables through your walls. You can install the cameras wherever you want, as long as there is a power socket. The video signal between the cameras and the NVR, the control unit of the system, is WiFi, without wires. Our latest generation WiFi modules allow an excellent range: up to 300 m. without obstacles. Indoors, the distance between the cameras and the NVR can reach up to 4/5 rooms. If your property is very large and you need to extend the wifi range, you can buy up to 2 optional wifi repeaters.

Ready in 5 minutes

Our CCTV WiFi kits are developed to be installed by anybody in a few minutes. They do not require any technical knowledge and they are ready to work as soon as they are mounted, without any settings to be adjusted. You just have to connect the cameras to a power outlet and the NVR to the monitor and the Internet router. As a monitor you can use a TV (HDMI) or a computer monitor (VGA). See how easy this is, in 4 quick steps.

Fully scalable and customizable

With RKK wifi kits you are free to design your CCTV system exactly as you like. If you want to expand your system, you can order additional cameras at any time. If you need different kind of cameras, for example hidden or with audio, you can order any wifi cameras in our product range instead of the standard ones. If you like, you can control external ONVIF IP cameras, hardwired to your local network. If you have to cover a very large site you can use several wifi kits together, since they do not interfere with each other. Watch in this video tutorial how your CCTV kit can be easily expanded.



High Resolution 2,5,8 megapixel

Our RKK wifi kits are really simple to use, but as powerful as our best hard-wired IP systems. You can choose between kits with a video resolution of 2MP (max. 8 cameras) or 5/8MP (max. 4 cameras). The 2MP resolution, also called 1080P or Full HD (1920x1080 pixel), is the current standard of digital, high resolution, broadcast TV and satisfies the needs of the majority of security systems. If you can dedicate a higher budget, consider the kits at 5MP or 8MP (4K), which provide better details while zooming during playback. Download our video demo to see how the resolution effect the quality of video footage.

Compressione video H265, H265+, H264

The WiFi kits in this range support the latest H265 and H264 video compression formats, including the latest advanced versions, to get the highest performance out of any camera. H265 is the most efficient codec available today and allows these Kits to store almost twice video storage than H264 NVRs. The IP cameras of these kits support H265 to record high quality video stream with the minimum bandwidth requirement. Compare the most common video resolution watching our demo videos.


DSE is a member of ONVIF

You can buy your IP products from us with confidence. DSE is one of the few companies in Italy that is a member of the international association ONVIF, which includes all the main IP security manufacturers and set the standard of communication protocol in this field. Unlike other wifi kits, our RKK kits, support the ONVIF standard, just like our best hard-wired IP systems. If you kit has free channels you are free to add manually any of our IP cameras, of any series, or even other brands of Onvif IP cameras.


WiFi cameras for indoors and outdoors

The cameras of these kits can be installed in few seconds. Just screw up the antennas and plug in the socket: that's it. You can install them outdoors, even under the rain, because they are completely waterproof (IP66), but you can also use them indoors thanks to their stylish design and small size.
The cameras come with 3.6 mm. wide-angle lens and a built-in infrared illuminator which makes it possible to monitor in the dark up to 30 m. They are east to position, thanks to the swivel bracket and can be mounted to both ceiling or walls.
ATTENTION. These cameras come without network port and are only suitable to our wifi kits or wifi NVR.

Dome camera with audio

The cameras supplied as standard with the wifi kits are bullet cameras with adjustable bracket. If you prefer the dome shape you can order additional dome cameras which are only suitable for ceiling mount, outdoor and indoor. Dome cameras also have a 3.6mm wide angle lens and a built-in infrared illuminator that allows shooting in the dark up to 30 m. In addition, they come with built-in microphone for audio.
If you want only dome cameras for your kit, please order these additional cameras and a WiFi NVR ATTENTION. These cameras come without network port and are only suitable to our wifi kits or wifi NVR.

Waterproof junction box

This junction box is designed to make the installation of the camera easier. You can buy it as an optional accessory. This box is used to hold the camera's power adapter avoiding any external wiring. The box is IP65 watertight and is therefore ideal for outdoor installations as it protects the cables from humidity. The lid of the junction box comes with 4 screw-holes for the camera.

Cameras backup battery

If you want your wifi video surveillance system to continue to work even in the event of a 220V power failure, you can buy these backup batteries for the cameras. This 12V battery pack connects between the camera and the power adapter. In the event of a 220V power failure, the battery allows the camera to continue to operate for several hours . The battery recharges automatically when mains is restored.
You can use these batteries with a UPS for the NVR, so your CCTV system will be fully protected in case of blackout.


Compatible with all monitors

In CCTV there is no need to buy special monitors like it used to be. The NVR in these kits comes with HDMI port to connect a TV set or a computer monitor, at 1080P FullHD resolution. To connect an older PC monitor there is also a VGA port. You can use the monitor the way you like it, splitting the screen in several windows or starting a scan. All functions of the NVR can be controlled by mouse, which is included in the package.


Extend the wifi range with our wifi repeaters

If the property to be monitored is very large, you can buy our wifi repeaters to relaunch the wifi signal of the NVR and increase the range of the RKK wifi kits . You can install up to 2 repeaters per wifi kit, placed in opposite directions to the NVR. If our kits allow you 4-5 rooms in range, with these repeaters you can relaunch 4-5 rooms range in two opposite directions. If you order the repeater together with the kit, it is delivered to you already configured and you will only have to plug it into a socket, halfway between the camera and the NVR. If you order the wifi repeater later, you can configure it yourself, in a few easy steps.


Recording modes: continuous, schedule, motion

Our kits record videos on the base of the setting you choose. You can record all the time, or just some hours during the week, or even just in case of intrusion (motion detection). You can easily search video footage and export them on USB pen drives or computers to provide them to police or other authorities.

Recording on Hard Disk up to 8TB

These wifi kits store video files on one or more internal hard disks. They can record continuously or only in case of intrusion. The NVRs come without any Hard Disk to let you choose the best disk size according to the required storage capacity. You can use any brand of SATA hard disk up to 8TB capacity. Even ordinary desktop hard disks work well, but for long durability special Hard Disks for video surveillance, such as those in our catalog, are recommended. All kits take 3.5" HDD with the exception of the all-in-one kits with LCD, that require smaller 2.5" HDD. If you order one of our hard disk, together with the wifi kit, you will receive it installed and formatted, ready to use.

Hard Disk WD Purple for NVR DVR

In compliance with Privacy Laws

The RKK wifi kits record on their own internal hard disk until the memory is full, after that the new files overwrite the old ones. To suit any local privacy regulation it is possible to limit the video storage to a specific number of days. It is also possible to set privacy masks to exclude sensitive areas from surveillance for privacy matters.

Video backup with USB

Thanks to the search functions, it is easy to find the important events in the video archive, scrolling the timeline. You can easily export video footages to be delivered to law enforcement. This backup operation can be done online with a computer, or by plugging-in a USB pendrive into the USB port of the NVR. Video files are exported in a standard AVI format and can be played with common video players such as VLC.


All functions one click away

These WiFi kits are packed with features but yet easy to use and configure with the on-screen menu. These NVR do not have buttons on the front panel, because all operations can be done with the supplied mouse. You can WATCH the live video of all the cameras on the screen and CONTROL external PTZ cameras. You can CHOOSE among several display modes and ZOOM IN by dragging the mouse. The OSD menu allows you to CONFIGURE all NVR options and PLAY BACK the recorded videos, searching by date and time. You can also EXPORT AND DOWNLOAD video files on USB pen drives in AVI format.


Connect with IE browser

Every computer on the network is a perfect monitor for your Kit. No software needs to be installed. Just open the Internet Explorer browser and enter the login password to WATCH the live video of all the cameras on the screen. You can RECORD , take snapshots and ZOOM IN by dragging the mouse. A user-friendly menu allows you to CONFIGURE all the options of the NVR from a computer and PLAY BACK video footage searching by date and time. You can also DOWNLOAD the video files on your computer in AVI format.

Control via PC

Our free IoVedo.RK software allows you to monitor via computer all our RK Series cameras, NVRs, DVRs and kits. You can use our software in your local network, by calling the IP of the device, or via the Internet, by entering the serial number supported by our CLOUD P2P SERVER.
You can WATCH LIVE up to 64 cameras, setting CUSTOM LAYOUTS to receive videos from many remote devices. You can PLAYBACK the footage recorded in the device memory and DOWNLOAD the video files. You can also control your PTZ cameras.
Like all our systems, the IoVedo.RK software supports the ONVIF protocol, so you can also use it to monitor ANY OTHER ONVIF CAMERAS you already have in your system.



Get connected with your smartphone

With our free DSE APP for Android and iOS, you can control your cameras with a mobile phone or tablet. You can use the app over your own wifi network, by typing the IP address of the NVR, but also via the Internet, typing in your CLOUD ID. You can WATCH up to 16 cameras live on the screen. You can RECORD , take snapshots and ZOOM IN with the classic two-finger gesture. You can also PLAY BACK online videos recorded on the NVR's memory, searching by date and time. If you enable motion detection, you can RECEIVE push notifications on your mobile phone if an intrusion occurs, with a snapshot of the event.

IoVedo.RK Free App for iOS and Android Live viewing in real time Playback of recordings Audio in Motorized cameras control P2P cloud server for immediate web access Alarm notifications IoVedo.EZ IoVedo.EZ


P2P Cloud server for easy access by WEB

Thanks to our free P2P cloud server, Online 24/7, you can immediately connect to your NVR through the Internet without worrying about static IP, DDNS, port forwarding the router and other difficult configurations. Every NVR come with an ID code, already registered on our reliable P2P server. You just have to create an account on the server and upload the ID of your NVR. You can do it straight with your mobile phone, by simply scanning the QR code you find on the product. Our P2P connection works 100% with any ISP, even radio, satellite o 4G.

E-mail, FTP, Push Notifications

These kits allow you to send out notifications in case of an alarm. You can send messages via EMAIL with the picture of the event as well as push NOTIFICATIONS to mobile phones with our IoVedo.RK app. You can also upload video files to FTP web servers. When you receive an alarm notification you should connect right away to your video surveillance system to check what is going on.

Save images on Google Cloud

With these devices you can save images on Google Cloud. Saving on the web is useful for keeping important images safe from tampering attempts. To use the cloud strage you need to get a space on Google Cloud and enter the access details in the device configuration. You can save on Google Cloud all images recorded in the event of an alarm, not continuous recording.



Get your money worth

These WiFi CCTV kits are part of our RK Series, which also includes Hard-wired IP cameras, Advanced WiFi cameras, NVR and DVR. All products in this range share the same GUI, software and app. This RK products are designed to give you the best value for money in residential systems. However, they are still very professional products, with the best CMOS and chipset, that provide superb video quality. Please do not compare our RK range of products with the entry level solutions of other manufacturers based on the cheapest components to get the lowest possible price. Check in the datasheets the sensor and chipset brand and the recording/playback performance. If these data are not indicated, demand more information.


Connect the kit to the Internet, even on 4G

Although these kits can work well even locally, you will have great benefits from connecting it to the Internet. It's an easy operation with our app and it lets you control your cameras over the Internet, wherever you are. If you have an ADSL or Fiber Internet connection, you must connect your video surveillance network to a router port. If you do not have a wired Internet access, you can also use a 4G router with a data SIM to create a mobile Internet connection. Our P2P server allows you to connect via the web without any configuration with any type of provider, even via 4G, radio or satellite.

Connect other cameras in your own network

The cameras of these kits communicate without wires with the NVR, which is the control unit of the kit. They cannot be connected to your home network because they do not have a wired network port. If the WiFi coverage of the NVR is not enough to reach the place where you want to install the camera, you can add all the other IP cameras in our catalog into your kit by connecting them to your wired or WiFi network. The NVR of your wifi kit is able to detect ONVIF cameras connected to the external network and manage them together with the kit's cammeras. In this way you can spread your system to cover large areas. Look in this example a hard-wired camera connected by cable to the router to reach a pole in the backyard.

Adding any other WiFi cameras

The WiFi IP cameras of these kits are general purpose cameras, suitable for most security applications. Should you need audio, you can order our dome additional cameras. Besides, you are free to add other wifi cameras to the kit's wifi network because our NVRs are 100% Onvif compliant. For example, if you need long range IR, you can buy one of our RK Series WiFi cameras. If you want to add a hidden camera you can find it among our WiFi mini and hidden cameras. If you order any of our IP wifi cameras together with the kit you will receive it fully configured, ready to work with your new WiFi kit. Only our RKK wifi kits are so flexible. Fell free to design your tailor-made wireless CCTV system, it is going to come true.

Add your old IP cameras

If you already have some Onvif IP cameras, you do not have to replace it. You can add it to your new wifi kit , as an external network camera. It is very easy to do in the video recorder menu, where you set the video inputs of your kit. Once the external camera has been added, you can control it like the other kit's wifi cameras, without any limitations. With our wifi kits you are free to use every onvif IP camera and you are not tied to a single brand, as in almost all competitor kits on the market.


  RKK-KIT2-1..8 RKK-KIT8-1..4
Description Wifi CCTV kit Wifi CCTV kit
Product includes WiFi NVR, WiFi cameras with bracket, 12VDC power adapters WiFi NVR, WiFi cameras with bracket, 12VDC power adapters
Available versions 1 to 8 camera kit 1 to 4 camera kit
Camera type WiFi IPC WiFi IPC
Video resolution 2MP 1080P 15fps 8MP 4K Lite 15fps
Protocol Supported Supported
Video compression H265, H265+, H264, MJPEG H265, H265+, H264, MJPEG
WiFi IEEE802.11b/g/n 300 m range no obstacles IEEE802.11b/g/n 300 m range no obstacles
Audio Microphone on dome cameras Microphone on dome cameras
Lens Fixed wide angle 3.6 mm Fixed wide angle 3.6 mm
Sensor 1/2.7" CMOS 1932x1088 pixel 1/2.5" CMOS 2704x1950 pixel
IR illuminator 30 m. range (Bullet 2x42µ LED, Dome 12x14µ) 30 m. range (2x42µ LED)
Day/Night IR Cut filter removable IR Cut filter removable
Camera case Aluminum waterproof IP66 Aluminum waterproof IP66
Camera bracket Swivel bracket Swivel bracket
Overall dimensions (mm) Bullet 157(L)x70(H)x66(D) Dome 94(D)x72(D) 176(L)x75(H)x71(D)
Power supply 12VDC (adapter included) 12VDC (adapter included)
Power consumption Max. 350 mA (IR on) Max. 350 mA (IR on)
Weight (gr) 500 500
Operating Temperature -20..+60°C RH95% max -20..+60°C RH95% max
Processor ARM Cortex A7 Quad-core ARM Cortex A7 Quad-core
Operating System Linux embedded Linux embedded
Video channels 8 WiFi + 1 LAN wired 4 WiFi
Channel video resolution 2MP 1080P(1920×1080), 960P(1280x960), 720P(1280×720), D1 (720×576/720×480) 8MP(3072x2592), 5MP(2592×1944), 4MP(2688×1520/2560×1440),3MP(2048×1536), 2MP 1080P(1920×1080), 960P(1280x960), 720P(1280×720), D1 (720×576/720×480)
Audio G711u, G711a, G726 G711u, G711a, G726
Monitor ports HDMI + VGA (1080P) HDMI + VGA (1080P)
Built-in monitor
Audio output 1 minijack 3.5 mm. (+ HDMI) 1 minijack 3.5 mm. (+ HDMI)
WiFi IEEE802.11b/g/n IEEE802.11b/g/n
LAN ports 1xRJ45 10M/100M 1xRJ45 10M/100M
Max. incoming bandwidth 60MB 28MB
USB 1x2.0 1x2.0
Hard Disk 1 SATA 3.5" max 8TB (not included) 1 SATA 3.5" max 8TB (not included)
P2P cloud server Free with QR code Free with QR code
Recording modes Continuous, week schedule, motion detection Continuous, week schedule, motion detection
Privacy masks
Alarm actions E-mail, upload FTP, upload to cloud Google/Dropbox, local buzzer, Push notifications E-mail, upload FTP, upload to cloud Google/Dropbox, local buzzer, Push notifications
APP for mobile/tablet Free for iOS-Android Free for iOS-Android
Remote control by PC Browser IE Browser IE
Power supply 12VDC/2A (adaptor included) 12VDC/2A (adaptor included)
Power consumption (NVR) 250 mA w/o HDD 250 mA w/o HDD
Overall dimensions and weight 260x215x43 mm. 820 gr. (without HDD) 260x215x43 mm. 820 gr. (without HDD)
Live view 1CH up to 2MP, 4-9CH D1 1CH up to 8MP, 4CH D1
Recording 2MP 9CHx15f/s 8MP 4CHx15f/s
Simultaneous playback 1CH 2MP@25f/s, 4CH 2MP@20f/s, 720P@25f/s 1CH 8MP@15f/s, 4CH 2MP@20f/s, 720P@25f/s


What is in the kit?

When you order your new surveillance wifi kit, you just need to choose the resolution (2, 5 or 8MP) and the number of cameras you like. The systems at 2MP support from 1 to 8 cameras, while the systems at 5/8MP from 1 to 4 cameras. These kits come in a convenient suitcase package, which includes:

SW IoVedo.RK

What is not included?

Aside from the kit, you also need to order a


that is the memory on which the NVR records the video files. The NVRs are compatible with any SATA Hard Disks up to 8TB. If you order one of our hard disks with your kit, we will deliver it already installed and ready to use. The size of the Hard Disk effects the video storage capacity of the kit. Hard Disks from 1 to 2 TB are usually enough for most of the systems.

What is the price?

Find all prices in our e-commerce portal CCTVSTOREPRO.COM.