Remote control for domotics

In-wall mounting relay with WiFi and control via WEB.

220V remote control Remote On/Off Timer for delaied switching Week scheduler Wifi control Free app for smartphone and tablet Remote control via Internet with P2P cloud server Compatible with Amazon Alexa Compatible with Google assistant


Add smartphone control to any device

With these in-wall wifi remote controls, you can add Internet remote control feature to any electrical device. All you have to di is to insert this small module into a junction box and connect it in series to the 220V power supply of the device. These remote control unit is easy to link to your WiFi network and can be controlled with your smartphone via the Internet. You can remotely operate: sirens, lighting, door locks, air conditioners, heating, irrigation etc. , building up your personal, low cost, home automation, easy to install and configure.

Add proactivity to your CCTV system

With our CCTV cameras you can monitor you home or office with ease. With these web remote controls, you can add real-time proactivity to your CCTV system , as if you were on site. If you see suspicious behavior you can activate lighting, sirens or a fog deterrent. If you see someboy you know, you can open a gate. At your command, these remote control relays switch right away, with a response time of less than a second, and a visual notification appears on your smartphone. .

Easy to install in junction box

Our wifi control systems allow you to add the remote control function via the Internet to any 220V electrical appliance. The remote control module must be installed in the junction box from where the device takes power. You just have to connect it to the two 220V cables of the device, using the included clip-on terminal blocks (IN-OUT). The remote control must be linked to your wifi network, so do not forget to check with your mobile phone that you receive a good signal where you want to install it. Also take care not to place the module in metal boxes, because they would shield the wifi signal.

Link to your WiFi in seconds

Connecting these remote controls to your wifi network is very simple. Download the free app on your smartphone and follow the connection wizard that connect the module to your wifi network automatically. Now your remote control is ready to work via the Internet. Thanks to the P2P cloud server, you don't have to configure anything in your router. It works with any kind of Internet connection, even 4G, radio or satellite.


WiFi and APP for smartphone

You can control our wifi relay through the Internet, with our free app. Without needing any configuration, you can CONTROL your equipment with a simple touch, at any time. You can also take advantage of the TIMER or the WEEK SCHEDULER to carry out automatic operations. For added security, you can receive the PUSH NOTIFICATIONS which confirm all automatic functions or warn you if the unit goes offline.

Free app for iOS or Android On Off Timer Scheduler Push notifications Cloud P2P Available on Google Play Available on Apple Store


Compatible with Alexa and Google Assitant

Our wifi remote controls are compatible with the most popular voice control systems like Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Google Assistant (Google Home). If you use these systems, you can easily connect our relay module to control your devices with voice commands.

Compatible with Amazon Echo Alexa Compatible with Google assistant Google Home Compatible with IFTTT Compatible with Dueros Compatible with Rokid


Controlling alarm devices

You can activate alarm devices from your smartphone, such as sirens or fog generators. If you are watching an intruder through your cameras, you can take action right away to get him out.


Controlling electric locks

You can activate an electric lock or gate opener from your smartphone. If through the cameras you watch a person you known, you can open the door to let him in.

Controlling heating and aircon

You can turn on the heating or air conditioning of your second home from your smartphone. Are you tired of getting to your mountain cottage and wait for the heating to work? Would you like your beach hat to be at the right temperature on your arrival? You can remote control heating and air conditioning by installing our wifi remote control yourself, without having to buy expensive domotics gear.

Do Home Domotics Yourself

With the weekly scheduler you can pre-set several on/off operations that are performed automatically by our cloud server, without the need for you to operate with your smartphone. For example, you can program your automatic irrigation system, changing the working hours remotely, when you are on vacation. You can install several wifi modules and control them all from the app, making up your personal, fully programmable, home automation system.


Description Wifi relay for remote control
Type 1 220V input + 1 220V output
Input 1 230V input with clip terminal block
Output 1 230V output with clip terminal block
Commands 1 pushbutton for WiFi link
Signalling 1 status LED
Remote control 1 on/off relay max 16A 230VAC
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Smartphone Free APP for iOS Android
Manual control On/off remote control with visual confirmation
Timer control Timer up to 24 hours
Week scheduler Automatic actions by day/hour
Push notifications Confirm automatic actions and device offline
Voice control Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assitant, Google Home, Google Dot, IFTTT, Dueros, Rokid
Casing In-wall mounting PVC jacket
Protection degree IP20
Operating temperature 0°C +40°C RH85% Max
Power supply 220V AC
Overall dimensions 43x43x34 mm (without cables)
Weight 48 gr.

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In order to use this remote control you need a wifi network. Your internet router usually come with built-in wifi.

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