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DSE is one of the very few Italian Companies being member of ONVIF.
ONVIF is the international association of IP CCTV manufacturers which defines the technical standards of IP surveillance.

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DSE offices in San Mauro Torinese.
Hi-Tech, fully owned, working space, built-up in September 2008

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Visit our booth at Sicurezza

DSE s.r.l.
Via La Valle 51, 10099
San Mauro Torinese (TO) Italy
Tel. +39.011.19118317
Fax +39.011.0743934
VAT IT08341440017 (Corporate) (English) (Italian) (E-Shop)




Digital Surveillance Equipment (DSE), was established in 1996 in Turin (Italy) with the clear goal o making professional CCTV equipment affordable to everyone. The first DSE camera has been produced this year in the Turin workshop. It was an easy to install wireless cameras for small size CCTV system.

In 1997 DSE started the production of hardwire cameras based on the new state-of-the-art CCD SONY SUPERHAD, suitable for CCTV systems of any kind.

In 1998 DSE was one of the first companies in Italy choosing Internet as their main sales channel. Traditional sales method, with agents and resellers, were abandoned, being considered more expensive and less effective.

In 1999, while time-lapse tape-recorders was the only way of storing videos, DSE saw the potential of digital videorecording and launched its first generation of Windows-based DVR boards. The D-Vision range has been for many years a leading product in the CCTV market.

In 2000 DSE stopped printing paper documents and decided to adopt the newly born PDF format as unique support for catalogues, price lists and manuals.
From the company web site, customers could download updated contents and no useless promotional costs had to be charged on the product price anymore.

In 2003 DSE was one of the first companies in Europe to produce a waterproof camera with built-in infrared illuminator. The RE-BCC6 included for the first time: camera, housing and 10 m. IR into a single product.
This new solution provided an unbeatable price/performance ratio and opened a new era in the CCTV market.

In 2006 DSE launched the first "Full D1" portable videorecorder suitable for police and detectives. The DK range started a new segment of the CCTV market that expanded very quickly.
Today's DSE portable DVRs are as small as a lighter, including the camera.

In 2008 DSE moved all commercial and technical activities in the new offices in San Mauro Torinese, an Hi-Tech working space, built up from scratch on the green hills around Turin.

In 2012 DSE introduced the new range of Full HD 1080p cameras, in IP and HD-SDI technology, getting into a new era of megapixel video.

In 2014 DSE has been one of the first companies in Europe, first one in Italy, to introduce a full range of cameras and DVR based on the brand new AHD technology from Nextchip, the new high-resolution analog CCTV standard.
AHD became rapidly the most important analog technology taking over old CVBS solutions which have been pushed definitely  out of the market.

In 2015 DSE complete the range of AHD products introducing 1080P Full HD cameras and DVR.

In 2016 DSE started an ambitious business plan for developing a new wifi technology that will open new markets in IP wireless surveillance. The marketing program will lead to the introduction of over 20 new models within 2017.


DSE is one of the few companies in Europe that develop and assemble CCTV cameras.
WWW.DSE.EU has become the largest and visited CCTV web sites in Italy, and well known world-wide.
DSE supply over 2000 professional installers as well as important private and public companies.
DSE is a proud member of ONVIF, the International Organization that define the IP CCTV standards. So far, there are just 8 Italian Companies among ONVIF members.
See ONVIF MEMBER LIST on the ONVIF website.


Develop high professional solutions for the video surveillance, able to satisfy the most demanding users and  installers.
Research new technologies and solutions to better suits the people security needs.
Sell our products through the Internet, avoiding useless commercial costs and offering competitive prices.  
Dispatch the 100% of the orders within 24 hours.
Provide professional know-how in customer support and be reliable in after-sale service.


DSE develops CCTV cameras in Italy.
The marketing dept. in cooperation with the sales force identify the customer's needs and plan the evolution of the product range.
The product engineering takes place inside the company and most technology know-how does not belong to third parties. PCB's are produced in Asia by qualified companies specialized in SMD assembling.
Product assembling is done in our facilities. A few products are assembled in Countries with low cost of labour.
The stock of both raw materials and finished products is in Turin and is managed on a "just-in-time" basis in order to avoid storage costs.
For every single order DSE has a dedicated quality control and packaging. Most products are checked on by one, only a few on a sample basis.
For all side products, like monitors, cables, connectors etc. DSE is exclusive distributor of qualified international companies. Marketing products are DSE branded and has the same after-sale service of all DSE range.


Proud of its customers satisfaction, DSE invests in research and development more than 10% of the revenues and day by day enriches its catalogue of new products and technologies.
DSE is a 100% marketing-oriented company. Customers and prospects have maximum relevance and lead the DSE R&D program to the future developments.
Being today one of the biggest Italian players in the fields, DSE is still following the simple words from which everything is started over 10 years ago ... MAKING THINGS CLEAR.