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Who am I buying from? What guarantees they are offering me?
It is normal that you ask yourself these questions, especially in the video surveillance field, where the majority of websites belong to companies that start-up and shut down within a short time.
Fortunately, this is not our case.
DSE was founded in 1998 and is serving over 2000 INSTALLERS.
Please learn more about our company before buying.


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The beginning

"Digital Surveillance Equipment di Bussolino Giuseppe ": this is the first company name of today's DSE. The owner of the newly created company, founded on 27 May 1998, is the current CEO of the company. The first office was in 21 square meters, on the 7th floor of Via Cigna 64 in Turin, a tower block in the popular Aurora district.
Two shelves, a desk and a workbench: that's how it all started.


Our first product

Our first real product was the RE-TC2 wireless camera, an analog box camera with an RF video transmitter inside . We launched this first camera in the form of a kit, with its 4-channel radio receiver. For the occasion, we even made a plastic suitcase that gave our kit a professional look. It was an innovative product: a ready-to-use CCTV mini-system, primitive ancestor of our modernsdigital wifi kit.
We started promoting our product with free ads in newspapers.



If you search with WHOis you will see that www.dseitalia.it was registered on January 27, 2000 , just 2 years after www.google.com. At the dawn of the new millennium, we had created the first Italian site specialized in the sale of products for video surveillance.
Still most people was looking at Internet with great distrust, but it worked very well for us since the beginning and the number of prospects for our wireless kits increased. Most of the new customers were installers of security systems. It was then that we chose our commercial policy, which is still the same nowadays: we serve the installers.


The first big order

In 2001, we participated in a public tender for the supply of 84 video surveillance systems for small Trenitalia railway stations . We offered our wireless system, together with a Hyundai time-lapse video recorder. We won a contract for around 200 million lire. For our small company, struggling with the insecurities of starting a new business, it was an important injection of confidence. It was the confirmation that we were on the right track.


The first partnership

After wireless cameras, our original product, we extended our product range with hard-wired cameras. We were following the requests of our installers to expand our offer. In 2002 we signed our first commercial agreement to distribute the video capturing PC boards of the Taiwanese Chateau Tech. Modern digital video recorders were not yet existing and we were among the first companies in Italy to start promoting the Hard Disk video recording instead of video tapes. VGuard cards remained a key player in this field, till when PC-based DVRs were replaced by cheaper and easier to use stand-alone digital video recorders.


Our first All-In-One cameras

In 2003 we launched our first All-In-One camera which was incorporating camera, lens, waterproof case and infrared illuminator in a single device. Modern cameras are all like this, but at that time there were only box cameras, with a separate lens. Box cameras were mounted in big waterproof casing, combined with separate IR illuminators.
In these years our skill in cameras assembling have improved. We were able to buy better parts for our cameras and our product range was including more and more models to meet the needs of our installers.


Estabilishing DSE srl

The 2000s, until the economic crisis of 2008, were years of great growth for our company. Year after year, customers and turnover steadily increased . We took advantage of the overall development of the market size but also the lack of competition in online sales played a role in our favor.
www.dseitalia.it became the most visited italian website in the field. In 2005 the old sole proprietorship compnay, already changed to SNC in 2002, became a capital company. DSE srl was founded.


Our first DVR

DR-C4 was our first stand-alone digital video recorder. It had BNC inputs, for analog cameras, and was able to record digital video in JPEG format. Modern dynamic video compressions did not yet exist and a 120GB hard drive, could store just 30 hours. The era of digital video was starting and for the old analog CCTV world a slow, gradual decline began.


Our new head office

In 2008 all our offices have been moved to the current headquarters, in San Mauro Torinese. Our headquarter is a fully owned building, that we built from scratch, in the middle of the hills around Turin.
Even today, those who visit us are amazed by the atmosphere of our office, which does not seem like an industrial environment. The great scenario of the alps, on the edge of the Superga forest, helps us to work in harmony, even in periods of big pressure.


Our first IP cameras

In this year we made RA-N1250, our first IP camera, which even included a WiFi transmitter. We used technologies developed by our Taiwanese partner Zavio. Thanks to the revolutionary MPEG4 video compression we could get, for the first time, a native digital video streaming instead of a digitized analog video. The universal Onvif protocol did not yet exist and each manufacturer was creating his own standard. The new technology had huge limitations and worked quite badly, but the era of IP video surveillance was beginning.


The first DIY spy camera

We can confidently say that we were the first company in the world to produce an investigative spycam with SD card to be hidden in objects. Watch on YouTube the presentation of DK-CS1, dated 16 January 2011.
DK-CS1 was a revolutionary micro-camera. It was designed to record on SD card and was supplied without casing, to be hidden in objects. In this very first version, the electronic board was protected with a resin painting, while today we use a black, heat-shrink sleeve. This original product, which made it possible to create "do it yourself" spy cameras, was copied by dozens of Chinese manufacturers. Today we can say that our DK-CS1 have created a new market segment, in which we still play a leading role now.


The first AHD range in Italy

In 2014, the Korean chip manufacturer Nextchip presented the new AHD technology, which stands for Analog High Definition. It was a new kind of video processor capable of producing an analog video signal in 720P resolution. We immediately understood the importance of this innovation, which would have replaced in a very short time both the old CVBS and the expensive SDI video. In 2014 we were the first company in Italy to present a full range of AHD cameras and DVRs . Watch our video tutorial on YouTube where we introduced this new technology.


RK "Naked" P cameras

The launch of the first RK series IP camera is of special importance to us, because this is our most successful current product range . For a few years we have called these cameras: "Naked" because they were made with high-level video components, but quite spartan container and the standard hardware was reduced to the minimum necessary. We had an IP camera in mind that was more like an NVR peripheral then a stand-alone product. This new range was very successful, especially in the residential market. Along the years these RK cameras became less and less "Naked" because we integrated many new functions and accessories upon requests of our installers .


Member of ONVIF

In 2016, we joined ONVIF, the association of manufacturers that defines the communication standard for IP security equipment. This gave us access to the official test tools, which are essential to certify our products' compliance with the standard. only 11 other Italian companies are part of the association. Check here The Onvif member list


Our first wifi plug&play kit

Our first plug & play wifi kit was launched in 2017. For us it was like returning back to the origins, because we were once again producing, with digital technology, a wireless CCTV system that anyone can install on their own. Our first kit, called RMK, worked well, but it was quite expensive and the auto-configuration was based on a proprietary protocol. The second generation, RKK, was much better, because it was based on the universal Onvif protocol and with a higher cost / performance ratio. The ready-to-use kit is the market segment that had the greatest development for us in recent years.


20 years history

Twenty years of history have passed since our foundation. We used to have the Nokia mobile phone with the green display in our pocket and now we pay with the smartphone. In twenty years we have grown steadily and today we serve over 2000 professional installers in Italy . They count on us to be competitive in their work. There is no time for celebrations, maybe we will talk about it at the thirtieth anniversary.


The artificial Intelligence

On the occasion of the Sicurezza exhibition in Milan, we introduced our innovative cameras with face recognition and human detection. The video surveillance camera starts to take on a new role, transforming itself from a simple witness, into a proactive actor, able to track down a missing person or report a suspicious face.


First Italian manufacturer to obtain Onvif certification

In June 2020 we become the first Italian company to obtain the Onvif certification for IP cameras. All the DSE RK series IP cameras, in the PoE and WiFi versions, get included in the official list of "Onvif Conformant" products , having successfully passed the compliance tests required by the Onvif Profile S standard.
If you are choosing your IP camera supplier, be sure to buy onvif certified products. Do not buy non-certified products because you would have no guarantee they fully comply with the standard.


Registered Trademark

DSE is a registerd trademark patented by the Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy


Member of Onvif

Since 2016, DSE has been a User Member of Onvif, the international association that brings together the main IP camera manufacturers and establishes the communication standard between IP security equipment. Only very few other Italian companies are part of the association.
DSE is also the only Italian manufacturer to certify their IP cameras which are included in the official list of "Onvif Conformant" products, having successfully passed the stringent conformity tests required by the standard.



International Security & Fire Exhibition



International Security & Fire Exhibition



International Security & Fire Exhibition



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